Our Aims

We aim to continue the work that Jan did throughout her life; helping children that had difficulties learning. Jan knew that a child's learning difficulties were not always diagnosable, in fact many of 'Jan's Kids' just found maths a little harder than others.

The JGFoundation aims to continue Jan's work by finding students in need of a little help and using funds and teachers at our disposal to improve a child's self worth. The Foundation also aims to support children with diagnosed learning difficulties, by providing their schools with financial support for extra aids or furthering their teachers education in the areas of their learning difficulties.

The JGFoundation aims to offer assistance and support to selected students/schools who apply for funding to assist students in their learning.

In the coming years we hope to continue Jan's enduring legacy; that we should never give up on young people simply because they think and learn differently ....that we might awaken the potential of a student and enrich their life for having made that extra effort.