Jan teaching

A bit about Jan Gorr

Jan was a woman with incredible energy, seemingly unending patience and an insatiable love of teaching. She showed care and attention to every child she came in contact with, leaving her students with renewed confidence and self worth. Jan was a lover of learning and was constantly searching for new and innovative ways to help her students. She was totally committed, passionate and zealous about making a difference to her students learning, often putting the needs of her students before her own.

Jan's Teaching Philosophies

Never give up regardless of how difficult the students might be.

Build a strong relationship with students and their families.

Students must take responsibility for their own learning regardless of their difficulties.

Instill a sense of self worth through genuine interest in students as fellow human beings (build self esteem and see them bigger than they see them selves).

Acceptance and encouragement – never try to fix, but accept and work with what the students have – they all have strengths and it is important that they recognise this.

Jan didn't ask her kids to be A+ students, she wanted them to enjoy what they were doing and in doing so Jan knew that their confidence in themselves would grow. Jan knew that growing a child's confidence could turn a subject the child disliked and felt 'bad' about into a subject the child enjoyed and succeeded in.