Our Mission

Jan Gorr was a life-long teacher and mentor who believed that there can be many obstacles that impede a child's learning. These obstacles are not always measurable or able to be diagnosed, for example, problems at home, confidence, self-esteem, bullying and financial difficulties. Quite often, these obstacles could cause more problems for a child's learning than a learning difficulty.

The Jan Gorr Foundation is established to foster initiatives that acknowledge these problems faced by children and seeks to alleviate these difficulties through direct financial assistance, as well as programs that build a child's self-esteem and enrich a child's education experience. The Foundation also hopes to help develop and raise the profile of education strategies that combat the impact of the difficulties on a child's education, and reduce the stigma associated with Special Education and other forms of additional education assistance.

Jan Gorr Foundation Lunch

On Tuesday April 21st 2010 the Jan Gorr Foundation hosted a lunch at Burwood Heights Primary School where guests experienced, first hand, how a simple program, supported by the Jan Gorr Foundation, executed with passion and commitment has enhanced learning for children that suffer from a range of difficulties and that has led to significant changes in young people’s lives. Please check out the all the details or please visit our donation page.

Mum Teaching

"In education my goal has been to 'get inside a child's skin and walk around in it' (apologies to Harper Lee) to help them find self-worth, independent of skill, talent, intelligence, beauty or good fortune."
Jan Gorr, 2007